Developer Insights

The "Developer Insights" dashboard provides a condensed overview of your engineering team members' recent activities, allowing you to better understand their work.

To see your team's insights, navigate to "Developer Insights" in the Delivery section in the sidebar menu.

Select any developer from the developers' list.

After clicking any developer from the list, you'll be directed to their "Developer Insights" page.

Here is what you'll see in the "Developer Insights" page:


Here, you'll see an individual Work-log which encaptures activities from the last 5 active days.

The Work-log contains:

  • Code Commits
  • Merge Commits
  • PRs Open
  • PRs Merged/Closed
  • PR Comments
  • PR Reviews
  • Open Issues
  • Closed Issues

By hovering over the elements in the Work-log, you'll see a summary for that specific element.

When you click on any symbol in the Work-Log report, you can access detailed information about the work being done. The following information is available:

  • The work focus
  • The commit size
  • The commit message
  • The time of execution
  • Pull Request reviews
  • Pull Request comments
  • The time to first comment
  • The status of the pull request
  • The commit timeline of the pull request
  • The repository where the work was done

Work Breakdown

The Work Breakdown is a visual representation of the work focus of the past 9 weeks.

  • Churn - when a developer re-writes their own code shortly after it has been checked in - less than 21 days old.
  • Help - describes how much a developer is replacing another developer's recent code - less than 21 days old.
  • Refactor - the process of improving the structure of an old or unfamiliar code (after 21 days).
  • New Work - brand new code that does not replace other code.

For a better understanding of the graph, hover over it and see the exact percentage of each type of work for a timeframe.

You can choose to visualize the Work Breakdown in different ways:

  • Select the chart type: Bars, Area or Stack
  • Select the view type: by week or by month.

Active Issues

The Active Issues list displays all active issues assigned to the developer.

If you click on any issue, you will be redirrected to your issue tracking system to the issue page.

If you want to zoom into your team's issues, you can click the "Velocity Report" button which will redirrect you to the Velocity Report page.

Recent Activity

The Recent Activity list shows a list of commits, PRs, PR reviews, PR comments and ticket transitions in the past week.

Recent Pull Request Activity

The Recent Pull Request Activity displays all the pull request activity from the past week. Clicking on any Pull Request activity from the list will redirect you to your git provider.

Recent Risky Commits

The Recent Risky Commits list displays all the risky commits from the past week, showing their level of risk and churn percentage.

Clicking on the commit number redirects you to the commit page in the git provider.