As a manager, it’s important to know how everyone is doing individually and as a team, in order to provide meaningful feedback and set expectations with the rest of the team.

Managing large teams is hard. The volume of activity is overwhelming. Standups are ineffective and meetings take up valuable time. Work Log provides a single view of your team's contributions and work habits.

Waydev exists to give you a complete picture of your engineering team and how they’re doing, so you can make better decisions, set expectations proactively, and help your team improve over time.

Work Log gives you a comprehensive view of all commits that an engineer produces in a day.

The Work Log legend

As you can see, the Work Log is a powerful new way to manage your engineering team more effectively. Use it to:

  • Visualize the interpersonal dynamics and patterns in a team

  • Identify bottlenecks to a release at a glance

  • Increase momentum an deliver value faster with clear expectations

You can disable weekend days (Saturday and Sunday) by toggling on the "Disable Weekends" checkbox on the upper right side of the page. By default, it's set to show weekend days.

You can now access your commit in the Git provider by clicking the 'Go to Commit' button in the zoomed-in view of the Work Log.

You can now navigate to an engineer's Developer Summary profile by clicking on their name & avatar in the Work Log.

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