The "Role Management" feature enables users to choose which of Waydev's features other users will benefit from. The "Role Management" tab can be found in Project -> 'Role Management'.

There are two default roles: "Owner" and "Member". An Owner will have complete access to all of Waydev's features, while a Member has access to the stats features': "Work Log", "Project Timeline", "Retrospective", "Developer Summary", "Daily Update", "Activity Heatmap" and "Compare". A member will also receive weekly and monthly digest emails. 

To add a new role, click the "New Role" button, insert the Role Name, then scroll and select which features you want the new role to have access to. Then click "Create".

You can edit or delete roles from the right side of the "Role Management" page.

To assign a new role to a user, go to Project -> 'Users'.

Then click on the "Edit" button located on the right side of the page.

After that, click on the "Role" drop-down menu and select the new role you want to assign to the user, then click "Update".

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