The Activity feature allows you to check the activity of your engineers.

What are we looking at when we check for activity? We look for Commits, Pull Requests, Pull Requests Comments/ Reviews, Tickets, Ticket Comments.

In this example, Fred and Henry did not have any commit, pull request, or ticket activity on Monday, 17 Feb, so they appeared as inactive.

The percentages on the top of the columns represent the ratio of inactive engineers to total engineers. For example, on Monday, 17 Feb, 22% of the Back-end team's engineers were inactive.

The colors range as below:

  • 0-25% inactivity percentage days are Green

  • 26-50% inactivity percentage days are Orange

  • 51-100% inactivity percentage days are Red.

You can disable weekend days (Saturday and Sunday) by toggling on the "Disable Weekends" checkbox. By default, it's set to show weekend days.

You can find the Activity feature under the Daily Standups submenu. From there, you can filter by teams, repos, or date range.

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