The Developer Performance page provides you with a straightforward table view of your engineers' stats, as well as total stats. You can rearrange the columns by dragging the column header. You can sort any stat by clicking on the column header. 

You can toggle the Pull Requests Stats view by clicking the Pull Requests Stats button.

Click here to learn more about Pull Requests Stats.

Click on any metric to display trendlines that help you track its evolution.

Values that are greater than average are displayed in green, while values that are lower than average are displayed in blue.

Select the number of rows displayed from the "Show rows" drop-down. Search for an engineer with the search box on the right side of the table. 

Customize column visibility by selecting/ deselecting stats from the "Column visibility" drop-down list. By default, all the stats are selected. 

You can download the table created as an Excel table, PDF document, or even print it right from the Waydev app using the buttons on the upper left side of the table.

The Developer Performance page allows users to filter by teams, repositories, and date range. You can find the Developer Performance page in the One-to-one submenu.

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