Waydev Enterprise runs on Replicated 2.7.0 and above. Learn more about Replicated here. This version of Replicated utilizes Kubernetes and allows us to provide the best experience for our users.


The installation allows you to quickly and easily install KOTS, Replicated, and Waydev Enterprise. This method requires that the server you are installing on has access to the Replicated servers and the Kubernetes package repositories.

Replicated provides a list of IP addresses that can be white listed for outbound traffic in this repository: https://github.com/replicatedhq/ips.

To install Replicated on your system using the standard installation method, you simply need to follow the steps below.

Step One: Download the Script

Download the installation script to the server as a user that has sudo privileges. The following command will do this for you:

curl -sSL https://k8s.kurl.sh/waydevonprem | sudo bash

Step Two: Answer Installer Questions

The installer will ask you several questions during the installation. The following are explanations:

1. It is possible that the installer will not be able to determine the correct IP address that the administration interface should run on. If not, it will prompt you with:

You should enter the IP address that you wish to point the DNS hostname of the server to. This IP address should be accessible to users on the ports specified above.

2. You will be asked if the machine requires a proxy to access the Internet. This is used for HTTP/HTTPS communication to the outside world for updates and the main installer files. Answer "Yes" if you utilize a proxy for this process. You will then be prompted for proxy information:

HTTP proxy address: The address of your HTTP proxy in full URL format. For example, https://proxy.mynetwork.com

Step Three: Finishing Up

The installer will run for some time. During the process it will update several OS packages, install the Kubernetes framework, and Replicated's system. Once that finishes, the installer will present you a link to the Replicated Administration Console. This link will most likely be https://<ip address>:8800. Please browse to that link in your browser, and continue on with the steps from "Configuring Replicated".

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