In the section titled "Installing Replicated" we installed Replicated on a server.  At the end of that process, the installer gave us a link that can be used to finish configuring the Replicated administration console.  Please open a browser and go to this link.  If you have forgotten the link, it is most likely https://<ip address>:8800.

Step One: Configuring HTTPS for the Administration Console

You will be presented with the following screen:

As you can see, you are being asked to provide a hostname, a private key, and a certificate.  You are also provided with two options to move forward:

  • Use Self-Signed Cert:  Use this if you want the system to generate an SSL certificate for the hostname provided.  If you choose this, users will have to accept this certificate.
  • Upload & Continue:  This allows you to upload the private key and certificate file you wish the web server to use for SSL.

The following values should be given:

  • Hostname:  This is the DNS hostname that you wish administrators and users to use to access the system.  For example, if you want the system to be, you should enter
  • Private Key: The private key of the SSL certificate to use in PEM format.
  • Certificate:  The certificate you wish to used, in PEM format

Step Two: Uploading Your License

You will have been provided with a license file by your account executive or customer support. This file will end with the file extension ".yaml" and will most likely be the name of your company. You will be prompted to upload the license file.

Step Three: Preflight Checks

This screen shows all the checks that the system performs to validate that it can run. If any dependencies are not met, they will be called out in red.

Once you have validated that the checks are correct, you may choose to re-run the checks (if you've corrected them) or proceed anyway, ignoring any warnings.

Important Note: You should not skip warnings and errors here.  Modify the system to meet proper specifications, especially for production machines.

Once you have validated the settings and conditions, you may continue on to "Configuring Waydev Enterprise".

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