Step 1: First, you need to whitelist our IPs (see below):




Step 2: In order to integrate with GitLab Self-Hosted CI/CD, navigate to Integrations, in the Project section.

Step 3: Select GitLab Self-Hosted CI/CD.

Step 4: Create a Personal Access Token in GitLab using the scopes listed below.

Note: You can leave the Expiration date field blank if you want the Personal Access Token to never expire.

Step 5: Paste the Personal Access Token in the field. Fill in the Base URL field with your organization's GitLab Self-Hosted CI/CD base URL. Then, click Test Connection. After that, click Connect.

Step 6: Navigate to CI/CD repositories, under the Project section.

Step 7: Select the pipelines you want to connect, then click Save Project. If you create new pipelines in GitLab Self-Hosted CI/CD, you need to click the Refresh Pipelines button to add them to the CI/CD repositories page.

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