📖 Waydev Overview

Waydev is the leading development analytics intelligence platform for engineering leaders

This page explains what Waydev is and how it works, click through any of the links for additional information on specific integrations/features.

Waydev is the new data-driven method for leveraging insights by connecting to your engineering tool stack, where it pulls in metadata that is aggregated into real-time metrics and reports, designed to help you increase velocity, gain visibility, and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

This guide provides the information and tools needed to start a great journey with Waydev.

Waydev Integrations

Check the links below for the appropriate documentation:

Source Name Documentation Links
⚙️ Code Integrations
Image GitHub, GitHub Enterprise GitHub
GutHub Enterprise
Image Bitbucket, Bitbucket Server Bitbucket
Bitbucket Server
Image Gitlab, GitLab Self-Hosted GitLab
GitLab Self-Hosted
Image Azure DevOps,
Azure DevOps Server
Azure DevOps
Azure DevOps Server
Image AWS CodeCommit AWS CodeCommit
Image Gerrit Gerrit
📂 Ticket Integrations
Jira, Jira Server Jira
Jira Server
Image Azure Boards,
Azure Boards Server
Azure Boards
Azure Boards Server
Image ClickUp ClickUp
🔔 Alerts Integrations
Image Slack Slack
Image Google Chat Google Chat
Image Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams

Waydev Features

Check the links below for a more in-depth description of the features.

Name Description
🔋Activity The activity section provides you with a birds-eye view for you to optimise your engineering teams
📨Delivery The delivery section provides you with the best tools to ship and deploy your solution faster.
📈Throughput The Throughput section keeps you in touch with the progress of your engineering teams and your projects.
📊Benchmarking Benchmark your team performance against the entire organization. Set improvement goals by leveraging industry benchmarks researched across 10,000+ engineering teams.