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This page will help you get started with Waydev so you'll get up and running quickly!

What is Waydev?

Waydev is the development analytics intelligence platform for engineering leaders


Waydev is the new data-driven method for leveraging insights by connecting to your engineering toolstack, where it pulls in metadata that is aggregated into real-time metrics and reports, designed to help you increase velocity, gain visibility, and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

This guide provides the information and tools needed to start a great journey with Waydev.

Check the links below for the appropriate documentation for you:

Source Name Type Documentation Links
⚙️ Code Integrations
Image GitHub, GitHub Enterprise Code Integration GitHub
GutHub Enterprise
Image Bitbucket, Bitbucket Server Code Integration Bitbucket
Bitbucket Server
Image Gitlab, GitLab Self-Hosted Code Integration GitLab
GitLab Self-Hosted
Image Azure DevOps,
Azure DevOps Server
Code Integration Azure DevOps
Azure DevOps Server
Image AWS CodeCommit Code Integration AWS CodeCommit
Image Gerrit Code Integration Gerrit
📂 Ticket Integrations
Jira, Jira Server Ticket Integration Jira
Jira Server
Image Azure Boards,
Azure Boards Server
Ticket Integration Azure Boards
Azure Boards Server
Image ClickUp Ticket Integration ClickUp
🔗 CI/CD Integrations
Image CircleCI CI/CD Integration CircleCI
Image Azure Pipelines CI/CD Integration Azure Pipelines
GitHub Actions CI/CD Integration GitHub Actions
GitLab CI/CD,
GitLab Self-Hosted CI/CD
CI/CD Integration GitLab CI/CD
GitLab Self-Hosted CI/CD
Image Jenkins CI/CD Integration Jenkins
📅 Calendar Integrations
Image Microsoft Outlook Calendar Calendar Integration Microsoft Outlook Calendar
Google Calendar Calendar Integration Google Calendar
🔔 Alerts Integrations
Image Slack Alerts Integration Slack
Image Google Chat Alerts Integration
Google Chat
Image Microsoft Teams Alerts Integration Microsoft Teams

Waydev Features

Check the links below for a more in-depth description of the features.

Title Shortly
🔋Activity The activity section provides you with a birds-eye view for you to optimise your engineering teams
Work-Log Gain a bird's eye view of your team's output and work habits. Zoom into commit and pull request activity to eliminate guesswork.
Review Workflow View a map of pull request activity in the selected time frame.
Review Collaboration Understand how your engineering teams work collaboratively. Effectively communicate the healthy tension between speed and thoroughness in code review.
Sprints Keep a pulse on your sprint progress. Visualize and mitigate sprint risk using our forecast model. Identify capacity issues and scope creep.
Daily Update Track the evolution of your team's velocity sprint over sprint. Find out where yesterday's work focus went and direct your efforts to accomplish your goals.
Activity Achieve a healthy, continuous delivery workflow by making sure each of your engineers is involved in the development process.
Activity Heatmap Visualize engineering activity through a heat map. Use the Activity Heatmap feature to schedule meetings according to data and enable a nondisruptive engineering flow.
📨Delivery The delivery section provides you with the best tools to ship and deploy your solution faster.
Cycle Time The Cycle Time metric is an indicator of an organization's development velocity.
Dora Metrics Track how effective the development processes of your organization is across DORA Metrics.
Velocity Report The Velocity Report helps you understand your teams contribution and velocity in all your previous Sprints.
Project Timeline Understand how work focus and volume modify over time. Find out where your engineers’ work focus is. View how events impacted your team’s performance and direct your data-driven decisions.
Pull Request Resolution Identify the bottlenecks in your PR cycles over the course of the sprint. Find outliers, and visualize high-level team dynamics and the underlying activities that can contribute to those dynamics
Team Summary The Team Summary provides a report of an individual team's work patterns for a period of time.
📈Throughput The Throughput section keeps you in touch with the progress of your engineering teams and your projects.
Team Progress Track the progress of your engineering teams. See how engineering teams perform compared to the previous sprint, month, or quarter. View how work dynamics shift over time.
Team Performance Gain a comprehensive view of your engineering teams output. The Teams Performance feature unifies your team's performance from Waydev and provides you with a customizable performance report.
Resource Planning Get a better understanding of how well engineering resources are allocated, visualize financial costs, and have more control over the progress of key initiatives
Project Costs Accelerate innovation and maximize business impact.
Custom Reports Flexible reporting allows building complex custom reports.