AWS CodeCommit

AWS CodeCommit

Step 1: In the sidebar, navigate to Setup -> Integrations, and select AWS CodeCommit.


Step 2: Fill in the modal using the credentials below.


Navigate to your AWS CodeCommit instance, click on your profile at the top right corner, and select Security Credentials.

  • IAM Access key: Access key ID on AWS IAM credentials tab
  • IAM Secret Key: Secret key ID on AWS IAM credentials tab
  • Git Username: User name on AWS CodeCommit credentials tab
  • Git Password: Password on AWS CodeCommit credentials tab
    (IMPORTANT: The password must not contain the " / " (Forward slash). If the generated password contains " / " please reset the git password until one without " / " is generated. )
  • Region: The region on which your CodeCommit repositories are hosted

Step 3: After filling in the credentials in the modal, click Test Connection, and then click Connect.
Step 4: Navigate to Setup -> Repositories, select the repositories you want to process, and click Sync for the selected repositories.


Step 5: Follow this configuration to merge AWS CodeCommit data with ticket data (If you haven't connected any other integrations to your account, you can skip step 5).

What’s Next