Waydev's custom dashboards feature helps you create dashboards tailored to your needs.

Learn how to fully customize your Waydev Dashboard by following the steps below to get a completely tailored experience.

Create a new Dashboard

  • Navigate to Dashboards -> Customize

  • Click "Create New Dashboard" in the top right corner.

Add Widgets in the new Dashboard

  • Click "Add Widget" to start customizing your Dashboard.

  • Once the Create Widget modal appears, select whether you want to use an Existing widget or a Blank widget.

  • Click "select" for the widget you would like to use.

  • Once you select the Widget Type, you can select the size of the widget, the title, and the metrics you want to include in this specific widget.

  • After selecting the metrics you want to include in the widget, you will see a preview of the widget in the right side of the modal. Once it looks right for you, click "Save" from the bottom right side of the modal.

  • Once you clicked "Save", the widget will be displayed in your Dashboard. You can now add as many widgets as you want by just clicking "Add Widget" in the Dashboard or the upper-right corner of the screen.

  • Once you add more widgets, you can drag them around and arrange your Dashboard any way you want.


Automatically saved

Every edit you make to your Dashboard is automatically saved, so you don't need to click on a save button.

Select the visibility of your Dashboard

  • Once you are done editing your Dashboard, select if you want it to be your Main Dashboard or if you want it to be Private by switching the toggles on or off.


What is a Main Dashboard

Set a Dashboard as Main, which will be displayed on the App Dashboard page only for yourself. Other users can have different Main Dashboards.


What is a Private Dashboard

Set a Dashboard as Private, and only you, as the creator of the dashboard, will have access to it.


Can you switch on Main and Private at the same time?

Yes, only you can see it as your Main Dashboard.


You can always select another Main Dashboard by switching on the toggle corresponding to the Dashboard you want to make Main.

Once you switch on the toggle for a Dashboard, it will automatically switch off on the previous Main Dashboard.

Action History

  • If you need to look at an activity log of your Dashboard, you can click the "Action History" button. Waydev stores the actions you make on widgets so that you can easily undo the last action. Actions considered are: create, edit, clone, and delete widgets. Actions that can be undone are: edit, clone, and delete widget.

  • To undo an action, scroll up and click "Undo last action".


You can only undo an action right after you did it!

Customize an existing Dashboard

  • To customize an existing Dashboard, navigate to All Dashboards -> Customize

  • Click the edit button from the Dashboard you want to Customize.

  • This will take you to the "Edit view", where you can manage the widgets in the Dashboard.

Visualize your existing Dashboards

There are multiple ways of visualizing your dashboards within Waydev. You can set a dashboard as your Main Dashboard, you can set your dashboards as Active Dashboards, or you can visualize them from the All Dashboards page.

Set your Dashboard as "Main Dashboard"

To set a Dashboard as your Main, navigate to All Dashboards in the Dashboards section in the sidebar menu.

Switch on the toggle for the Dashboard you want to be your Main Dashboard. This will automatically switch the toggle off for the previously selected Main Dashboard because you can only have one Main Dashboard.


This will only select a Main Dashboard for you. Other users will have Main Dashboards of their choice.

Set Active Dashboards

To set a Dashboard as Active, navigate to All Dashboards in the Dashboards section in the sidebar menu.

Switch the toggles for every Dashboard you want to set as an active one. You can select as many Dashboards as you want.

After switching on the toggle for the Dashboards you want Active, they'll appear in the menu, under the Main Dashboard.


You can only select your own Active Dashboards. Other users will have the Active Dashboards of their choice.

Visualize from the "All Dashboards" page

If you want to visualize a Dashboard is not your Main Dashboard or one of your Active Dashboards, you can visualize it directly from the All Dashboards page by clicking on the Visualize button.