Team Insights

The "Team Insights" dashboard provides a comprehensive summary of your teams' recent activities, enabling you to better understand their contributions and progress.

To see this report, navigate to Team Insights in the delivery section.

Select the team you want to see insights for from the drop down in the upper-right corner of the screen or from the "All Teams" list.


By clicking "Members" your list will be ordered by the number of contributors in the team

Select any team by clicking on its name. This will take you to the team's "Team Insights" dashboard.



This includes data from the last 8 weeks.

In the snapshot section of the "Team Insights Page" you will see:

  • The selected team's Cycle Time
  • The selected team's total number of commits
  • The selected team's Pull Request Activity
  • The selected team's Most Active Pull Requests

Cycle Time

The Cycle Time indicates an team's development velocity. The Cycle Time is the sum of four metrics, each of these metrics corresponding to a stage in the software development process:

CODING - Time to Issue PR from First Commit. This metric corresponds to the coding time and is the time elapsed from the first commit to creating a PR.

PICKUP - Time to First Review. This metric indicates how fast reviewers pick up their peers' PRs for review and is the time between when a PR is opened and the first time an engineer reviews that PR.

REVIEW - Time to Merge from First Review. This metric signifies how fast do submitters incorporate feedback from their peers in code review and is the time from a PR's first review to that PR being merged.

DEPLOY - Time to Deploy from Merge. This metric is an indicator of how fast code gets deployed into production and is the time between when a PR is merged to when it gets released into production.

What does each color indicate?

  • For CODING:

Green: Less than 48 hours

Yellow: Between 48 and 72 hours

Red: More than 72 hours

  • For PICKUP:

Green: Less than 24 hours

Yellow: Between 24 and 72 hours

Red: More than 72 hours

  • For REVIEW:

Green: Less than 24 hours

Yellow: Between 24 and 72 hours

Red: More than 72 hours

  • For DEPLOY:

Green: Less than 10 hours

Yellow: Between 10 and 24 hours

Red: More than 24 hours

Total commits

Total commits = the total amount of commits done by the team.

The Total Commits widget includes the average of the last 8 weeks as well as a comparison with the previous 8 weeks.

Pull Request Activity

Pull Request Activity= the total amount of Pull Requests from the last 8 weeks.

What does each color indicate?

Black: Total number of Pull Requests

Blue: Total open Pull Requests

Green: Total merged Pull Requests

Red: Total closed Pull Requests

When you hover over the graph, you'll see a modal showing you more details about the week you hover over.

Most Active Pull Requests

The Most Active Pull Requests list displays a list of the top 10 most active pull requests from the last 8 weeks.


If you click on the Repository name underneath the Pull Request name, it will take you directly to that Pull Request in the git provider.

The list provides the following information:

  • The status of the Pull Request (open, merged, closed);
  • Repository of the Pull Request;
  • The Risk of the Pull Requests;
  • The work level of the Pull Request.



This only works for Jira users

The workload displays all issues from the last active sprint.

The graph displays all issues in a color-coded way for each contributor in the team.

If you hover over any bar in the graph you'll see a more detailed report for the contributor the bar corresponds to.

You can view only active issues by switching on the toggle from the upper-right corner of the widget.

Scrolling down, you will see a breakdown of all issues assigned to each contributor in the selected team.


In the Activity section you'll find the Work-Log for the team you selected.

The Work-Log displays several symbols that represent different aspects of your team's work. These symbols include:

  • Code Commits
  • Merge Commits
  • PRs open
  • PRs merged/closed
  • PR Comments
  • PR Reviews
  • Open Issues
  • Closed Issues

By hovering over the elements in the Work-log, you'll see a summary for that specific element.

When you click on any symbol in the Work-Log report, you can access detailed information about the work being done. The following information is available:

  • The work focus
  • The commit size
  • The commit message
  • The time of execution
  • Pull Request reviews
  • Pull Request comments
  • The time to first comment
  • The status of the pull request
  • The commit timeline of the pull request
  • The repository where the work was done