Manage Repositories

To manage repositories in your Waydev account, navigate to Repositories in the Setup section of the sidebar menu.


There are some Settings that you might want to do before selecting the Repositories because they are taken into account only for the data processed from the moment they are changed (ex. Ignored Extensions).

The Repositories page has a list of all repositories aggregated from your Version Control System, where you can select what repositories you want to include in metrics.

Select the repositories you want to process data for by switching on the "Process Stats" toggle or by selecting multiple repositories from the list and clicking "Process Selected". For the first time you connect a repository, gathering historical data can take up to 48 hours.

To include specific metrics in reports, you need to switch on the "Include In Metrics" toggle or select multiple repositories and click "Include in Reports."

After you switch on both toggles for each repository you want, Sync them by clicking "Sync" for each repository you want or selecting multiple repositories and clicking "Sync Selected."


If you don't see all your repositories here, click "Refresh Repositories" to update the list.