Code Active Days

The average days per month a team member makes at least one commit.

How to use it?

  • Assessing Engagement and Productivity: Helps identify engagement levels by tracking the days team members are actively committing code, which aids in managing workloads and ensuring consistent progress.
  • Spotting Underuse and Overwork: By analyzing patterns of active days, identify team members who may be underused or overworked, facilitating better work-load distribution and support.
  • Incentivizing Regular Contributions: Encourages more consistent coding practices across the team, which helps maintain steady progress and reduces development bottlenecks.
  • Driving Continuous Improvement: Trends in active days can highlight obstacles to daily contributions, prompting discussions and strategies to improve efficiency and address issues like complex problems or inefficient workflows.

Strategic Use of Code Active Days

  • Monitoring Workload Balance: Regular monitoring can prevent burnout for those too frequently active and spur engagement in underactive team members.
  • Adapting to Productivity Levels: A sudden drop in active days might signal a decline in productivity or engagement, requiring immediate attention to understand underlying issues or provide necessary support.
  • Quality over Quantity: High Code Active Days does not always correlate with productivity. Active days coupled with high rates of Pull Request rejections may indicate the need for more focused mentoring or training.

Considerations for Implementation

  • Comprehensive View: It’s crucial to interpret Code Active Days within the broader context of other performance metrics to avoid misjudgments based solely on activity levels.
  • Cultural Fit: Implement this metric in a way that aligns with the team’s culture, promoting transparency and continuous feedback without creating pressure or discomfort.
  • Actionable Insights: Use insights gained from Code Active Days to make informed decisions on training, workload adjustments, and health checks, thereby enhancing both individual and team performance.