The activity section provides you with a birds-eye view for you to optimise your engineering teams

Title Description
Work-Log Gain a bird's eye view of your team's output and work habits. Zoom into commit and pull request activity to eliminate guesswork.
Review Workflow View a map of pull request activity in the selected time frame.
Review Collaboration Understand how your engineering teams work collaboratively. Effectively communicate the healthy tension between speed and thoroughness in code review.
Sprints Keep a pulse on your sprint progress. Visualize and mitigate sprint risk using our forecast model. Identify capacity issues and scope creep.
Daily Update Track the evolution of your team's velocity sprint over sprint. Find out where yesterday's work focus went and direct your efforts to accomplish your goals.
Activity Achieve a healthy, continuous delivery workflow by making sure each of your engineers is involved in the development process.
Activity Heatmap Visualize engineering activity through a heat map. Use the Activity Heatmap feature to schedule meetings according to data and enable a nondisruptive engineering flow.